Children's Daytime Menu

SERVED FROM 12 NOON – 3.30pm

Plain Sandwich or Baguette, spread with Butter: £3.25

Please choose Brown or White

  • Prawns
  • Ham
  • Cheese
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Tuna Chicken
  • Jam

Cherry Tomato & Cucumber Portion - 60p

Cracking Crab Fries - £4.35

Children are welcome to share any of our day time menu options. Baby food heated at your own risk as our microwave is industrial super strength. We do not take responsibility for the temperature of any baby food heated at the Cracking Crab; please double check before use.

(Please ask a member of staff regarding food allergies)

Children's Evening Menu

SERVED FROM 5pm – 8pm

Junior 6oz Rib EyeSteak, Chips & Peas - £9.95

Chicken Gougons, Chips & Peas - £8.95

Fish Gougons, Chips & Peas - £8.95

Pasta Shells, Grated Cheddar & Tomato Sauce - £8.95

We suggest this menu is suitable for children under 10 years old.  Our main course dishes can be shared between two children.

(please ask a member of staff regarding food allergies)