The amazing Devon Air Ambulance - what you need to know

Posted by thewinkingprawn on August 31, 2018

This summer has seen many surprises, adventures and unexpected events, but one in particular got us wanting to share a little information and support for one of the most wonderful assets to our county: the Devon Air Ambulance as well as local paramedics and our community first responder, all of whom paid us an unexpected visit.


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Within minutes of dialling 999 for one of our customers, our volunteer first responder, Tim, arrived and quickly reassured and assessed the patient with utter compassion and professionalism.


Not long afterwards, the Devon Air Ambulance landed with an amazing crew, who immediately began to treat the patient; their expertise and skills were outstanding. The ambulance crew then arrived and they all worked together with such competence and efficiency it was overwhelming.

Before the Air Ambulance crew left, they took time to talk to the children at the restaurant, who were fascinated by their arrival. They then got another call to attend to whilst the ambulance crew took the patient to Derriford. The patient was later discharged and sent home with his family.


Our gratitude to the emergency services is heartfelt, and we wanted to share a little information on the Devon Air Ambulance in particular, in case you are compelled to support them with donations.  It is thanks to them that we are all a little safer in our beautiful, but remote part of the UK.


What is the Devon Air Ambulance?


On a mission to provide a quick response to anyone who is sick or injured in Devon and the surrounding areas, the Devon Air Ambulance is a charitable trust which funds two emergency helicopters for Devon. The service is available up until midnight, with future plans to extend the service further to 2am, and eventually to a 24 hours a day service


It began in 1986 when Ann Thomas lost her son Ceri in an accident. When she asked doctors what could have saved him, she was told that thequicker essential medical treatment is received, the greater the chanceof survival. She started fundraising for an air ambulance in Devon, which flew its first mission in August 1992.


2017 stats


  • 990 patients assisted
  • 50% medical missions
  • 49% of missions were trauma
  • 12% of patients were children


The funding


The Devon Air Ambulance Trust is a registered charity and is not a publicly funded service.  In 2017 it cost £6.4 million to run the serviceThey have just placed an order for a new Airbus H145 helicopter which will be operational in Devon in mid 2020.


Support the Devon Air Ambulance Trust


photo credit Peter Robinson