The artist behind this beautiful Winking Prawn painting and where to get a copy

Posted by thewinkingprawn on January 25, 2019

Winking Prawn - Caroline Appleyard.jpg


Lots of you have been asking, so we thought we would tell you a little more about this lovely painting and the artist behind it, in case you didn’t already know!

About the artist

The original artwork is by a talented lady called Caroline Appleyard. Caroline is an artist whose quirky style really captures the joy in the locations she depicts and has made her extremely popular. A self-taught artist, she takes an experimental approach to her work, even painting underwater in scuba gear on occasion!

Caroline has exhibited across the UK and her work is always well received, but her pictures of some of our favourite scenes and activities in, and around, Salcombe are naturally amongst our favourites. Regatta, surfing at Thurlestone, Yawls sailing in the estuary, paddling at Burgh Island and the unmistakeable pink stripes of Cranch’s Sweetshop have all featured in her work, and so too has the Winking Prawn.

Naturally, when we saw her painting we knew it had to belong on our walls, and that is exactly where it has been since we purchased it from the team at the Mayne Gallery in Kingsbridge.

Get your copy and support Daisy Palmer

As you may also know, one of our much loved customers is the gorgeous Daisy Palmer, who also happens to be a talented artist herself. Daisy suffers from Chronic Intestine Pseudo-Obstruction (CIPs), which means she cannot eat anything at all orally, and is reliant on being fed intravenously. To help support her, her parents set up the Daisy Palmer Trust.

To support a fellow artist, for a number of years now the Mayne Gallery have stocked prints of our beautiful Caroline Appleyard painting, and for every one that sells £20 goes to the Daisy Palmer Trust. For anyone interested in purchasing a print, please contact the Mayne Gallery on the link below and they will be happy to help.