The artist behind the Winking Prawn's new ice cream board

Posted by thewinkingprawn on July 13, 2017

There’s a new, hand painted ice cream board at the Winking Prawn, showcasing all our favourite flavours, and for those who haven’t yet met her, we wanted to introduce you to the artist behind it all, 13 year old Daisy Palmer!  

While Daisy's not able to eat anything, including ice cream, due to a condition called Chronic Intestine Pseudo-Obstruction, she's done a mouth watering job and we can't wait to see her this summer!


Daisy Palmer ice cream.jpg


What do you like most about painting?


The fact that I can make anything with a paintbrush,  some paint, water or a pencil! 


Where do you get your ideas from? 


Anything and everything! But there is a brilliant artist from Devon who I really look up to and sometimes I get really inspired by her art. Her name is Kate Andrews. 


Daisy inspired by Kate.jpg


What’s your favourite thing to paint?


Anything that inspires me to pick up a paintbrush, pen or pencil. 


What is your favourite art medium?


My favourite is acrylic because you can layer it. Then pastels, then watercolours. 


What are you most looking forward to this summer in Salcombe? 


Everything, but especially seeing Mr and Mrs WP and seeing the other dogs when we take Max for a walk.  I was so happy to make the flavours board for Mr & Mrs WP and can't wait to paint more when we visit.


Max Daisy Palmer.jpg


Does your dog Max like ice cream? 


No he hasn't tried it yet, but we might buy him some ice creams that won't hurt him one day!


What’s the best way anyone can support the Daisy Palmer Trust?


Simply 'like' our page on Facebook or follow us Instagram. You can see my artwork on there regularly.  Also, look out for me and my dog Max in Salcombe this summer. I'll be doing lots of painting on the North Sands wall, walking through town, or just sitting in The Winking Prawn with my family!