Best Salcombe beaches for autumn smiles

Posted by thewinkingprawn on October 13, 2016

playing on the beach.jpg

Some of us like the beach for summer sandcastles, some of us like them for walking the dog. Thankfully Salcombe has a beach for every occasion… 


For food with a view...

North Sands

It probably goes without saying, but North Sands has to be a favourite.  We are rather fond of our view, and as it’s a wonderfully family friendly beach so we love seeing all those happy, smiling faces coming into the restaurant to warm up after a paddle no matter what time of the year.  As all little prawns know, every time of the year is a good time to play on the beach, and our own little prawns are no exception.  Nothing beats a day with woolly hats, big coats and our little dog Dolly, cradling a take away hot chocolate from the Winking Prawn as we dig for buried treasure. 


For a mini adventure...

East Portlemouth 

Obviously aside from East Portlemouth beach itself there’s a whole treasure trove of beaches to choose from over the estuary, including Mill Bay and Sunny Cove, depending on how far you want to walk.  The point is, that to get to them you have all the fun of getting on the East Portlemouth ferry.  Take the dog and a big smile because at this time of year you’re pretty much guaranteed to get splashed – all part of the fun.  Then warm up with the most perfect hot chocolate at Sailor V.


For a tour of Salcombe from the water...

South Sands 

The South Sands Ferry is an institution that we all know and love.  What would the world be without that happy boat pottering along come rain or shine?  Few things beat a walk round from Salcombe, maybe pop in for tea at The Winking Prawn en route (or at least wave hello as you go by), and then after you’ve conquered that enormous hill to South Sands, hop on the sea tractor and catch the ferry back to Salcombe.  After that you can come and regale us with stories of your adventure at Sailor V – we will be waiting with hot food at the ready!


For the kind of walk that means you deserve a drink...

start at Bantham Beach

For a really good winter walk that gets the blood flowing you’re going to need the best part of the day.  Walking from Bantham along the coast path to Salcombe means you can take in lots of beautiful beaches including South Milton, Hope Cove, Soar Mill Cove, North Sands AND South Sands before you stagger into Island Street where cocktails and a burger are at the ready.  Obviously you don’t have to do the WHOLE route, you can start at any of those beaches… you just get a smaller cocktail.

Photo by Lucy Culkin