Brunch at Island Street Bar & Grill

Posted by thewinkingprawn on May 5, 2017

Brunch has got to be one of the best inventions of all time, and now Island Street Bar & Grill has a new brunch menu available at weekends to showcase the culinary talents of chef Nick.


From midday ’til 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays, you can indulge in something a little different to tickle the tastebuds with classic American dishes such as steak and eggs using West Country ribeye and free range eggs from the surrounding Devonshire countryside - aka nature’s larder.


Here’s just a few favourites to tempt you…




Chorizo and caramelised onion hash


Already proving really popular is the chorizo and caramelised onion hash complete with a poached egg on top and a little rosemary at the end to really lift the flavours.  It has buckets and buckets of flavour and is a personal favourite of the chef because it’s so packed with taste and yet so simple at the same time.  It really fills you up, and when you’re feeling bleary eyed it perks you up again.  It’s also really good hangover food - not that we ever have such things.


Smoked mackerel, beetroot and potato salad 


A lighter alternative, this salad uses beetroot compote and local mackerel (a seafood favourite), as well as a potato salad with coriander and chives running through it.  Everything is nicely flaked up together and presented on dressed leaves.  We now use Heron Valley cider vinegar in our dressing because of its lovely flavour - it’s banging, and all as local as possible!






A Tunisian dish of roasted peppers and tomatoes with cumin, chilli and an egg baked in the oven, Shakshuka is a really popular classic and a good veggie option with buckets of flavour.  It fits in nicely with the rustic street food ethos that has developed at Island Street - it’s simply vibrant, really good food.


Philly cheese steak 


A classic American sandwich that uses strips of ribeye chargrilled and finished with a glaze of mayo, cheddar, gherkin and American mustard finished off under the grill and presented on artisan toast, the Philly cheese steak is simply good grub at its finest.  Even the bread is the best we can find, as it’s all from @the bakery in Frogmore, which is a really good traditional bakery, who work with us to cater to our needs and dishes.


Philly steak.jpg


Fish finger sandwich 


Using really big chunky goujons cut from whole fillet of pollock and served on fresh leaves, this is no ordinary fish finger sandwich.  It’s really simple, but we don’t like buying things in so it’s all made from scratch and is great for kids too because you know what you’re getting is a really great piece of fish that’s MSC approved (that’s the Marine Stewardship Council in case you were wondering - whose eco label ensures responsible fishing).  We have a close relationship with the fisherman and crabbers who supply us, and together we want to showcase their product and look after our fish.