Cover band I Love Amp are coming to Island Street!

Posted by thewinkingprawn on April 7, 2017

The Plymouth based cover band are coming to Island Street on April 16th for an Easter special - here’s what you need to know from drummer, Tim…




How did I Love Amp start?


My wife and I met at music college in Guildford in 2001 and we basically started a band together.  Then Kat got the opportunity to move to Cornwall where her family are from and we loved it so we stayed!  She got the chance to join Joey The Lips, who are a well established band down here, and she was in that project for about 11 years.  But we were like ships in the night so we decided to work together.


The other two, Josiah and James, were in another band at the time and it wasn’t going where they wanted it to.  Josiah, our base player, had been a pupil of mine since he was 10 playing drums, so we went into business together and set up a recording studio in Plymouth.  He’s a gifted musician.


What do you play?


It’s mainly ‘90s covers; rock, pop, funk -  a bit of everything.  We try to keep it as non-generic and interesting as possible, with a couple of medleys to keep it interesting. Our secret rock medley is always fun, but you will have to wait to see that! 


How would you describe yourselves?


We’re all about fun.  The name came from Anchorman and we themed ourselves around that.


What’s been your best gig to date (other than Island Street obviously)?


We only started about three years ago and in that time we have been building a following.  We played at the Wharf in Tavistock and at Oktoberfest in Plymouth - that was bonkers - there was beer flying all over the place.


Tell us something about each of the members of the band performing at Island Street…


Tim: I’m the drummer and I have taken over managerial duties as well, so I try to get us working and arrange rehearsals.  I am the dog’s body!  I do it for the love of it and I can play anything on my drums and be happy.


Bert: Our bass player Josiah is a very busy musician and is at a festival on the16th so we have another talented bass player joining us.  Bert plays in a Red Hot Chilli Peppers tribute band with me.


James: our guitarist - he’s a guitar teacher and incredible player.


Kat: she’s a fitness instructor by day as well as being our singer.  She’s a powerhouse vocalist -a  rock, soul diva but without actually being a diva.