A few highlights from the Salcombe Town Regatta

Posted by thewinkingprawn on August 17, 2016

As we head towards the final bank holiday weekend of the summer, it seems like a good time to look back at just a few of the highlights from the week that started it all, the Town Regatta.


A huge thank you on behalf of the Winking Prawn Group to the organisers.  As always, such a lot of effort for our enjoyment, and enjoy it we did.

 Street party.jpg

Things started on a high note at the Island Street street party, where the atmosphere was buzzing and the drinks were flowing.  As demonstrated by the Bar & Grill’s chief cocktail mistress, Bella.


Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the North Sands Family Fun Day, where the weather let us down and it poured with rain.  Even the hardiest of rock poolers can be put off by a torrential downpour, but fortunately it was nothing that a cup of tea and a good slice of cake at The Winking Prawn couldn’t fix.


The rest of the week got better and better however.  The harbour swim was a resounding success as usual.  A number of plucky entrants even managed it without a wetsuit, so hats off to you!  We hope you popped in for an extra large hot chocolate at Sailor V!


As anyone who has visited the Prawn knows, we’re pretty big fans of dressing up, so the fancy dress during the Regatta was definitely a highlight.  Great photo of Poppy Graham in the guise of Boudicea with her best dressed buggy – talk about setting the bar high!


Finally, the fireworks, as always a major highlight in the proceedings.  The weather did us all proud and cleared up as if it knew the order of play.  The torchlight procession heralded the traditional start to the display and did us all proud in the process, before a fantastic display completed the evening. 


What a way to kick off August – now bring on the bank holiday!


Photos by Guy Heywood, Charlotte Graham Reed and Isabella Newman.