Meet The Blackboard Guy

Posted by thewinkingprawn on March 31, 2017

Displaying our cocktails, smoothies and frozen yoghurt in glorious chalky artwork, check out Scott, The Blackboard Guy…


Say it in paint.jpg


How did you become 'The Blackboard Guy'?


My academic background is predominantly art and design. I was always that kid doodling in class and drawing unflattering versions of the teachers (I am still yet to be caught to this day!), so it was natural progression to A level graphic design, a diploma at Plymouth College of Art and Design and then off to study creative advertising at a university just outside London. Parallel to this, I was working for a local pub here in Devon. Hospitality has always been my family’s trade, so that was second nature. I was presented with an opportunity to manage a newly acquired pub, which I jumped at. Obviously this took my career path in different direction to my studies until a few years ago. Working in a pub I was asked to do their boards, which I loved!  A few local businesses noticed them and asked after me, and it snowballed from there.  Now it has turned into a fully functioning mini business that has seen me be involved with clients including as Wagamama, The Well Hung Meat Co., and The Winking Prawn Group, to name a few.


What's the best project you have worked on and why?


It’s hard to single one out!  Every project is new, with different locations and characters! I did a project last year in London for an advertising and design company who were charged with designing an awards ceremony. It was great fun as it was a road trip with a stunning venue in an old church called Marylebone One. It was a no expense spared event and although I worked under intense pressure (I had to get 140 names up on a 3m x 3m board with artwork in eight hours) it was a fantastic experience. In the main though, I love working with local businesses, helping them add those finishing touches to their venues.


What's your favourite thing on the menu at Sailor V?


It has to be a hot dog; the Big Dog to be precise. You can't mess around when it comes to these things. I'm a barbecue fan through and through so anywhere I can relive something you'd find on my BBQ is alright by me. I'd offset it by having a banana and honey milkshake though - that's healthy right?!


What's the best thing about working in Devon?


I think Devon has everything from coasts to moorland, bustling cities to hidden gems - it ticks nearly every box. I get to work in some stunning locations with views to die for. Sometimes I'm hidden from sight in the storeroom making friends with the mop and buckets, but I still love what I do! Working in Devon gives my business so many opportunities, whether it be commercial work, wedding boards or even pet portrait commissions (a new venture for me) I'm always kept busy!!


When you're not creating masterpieces, what's your favourite way to spend time in Devon?


When I'm not hunched over a board there is nothing better than throwing some stuff in the back of the family camper, and all of us heading to the beach. I have a young family so making the most of where we are is really important for my wife and I. We live where people come to holiday, so surely you've got get out there and enjoy it.