Meet our rugby team!

Posted by thewinkingprawn on April 28, 2017

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Did you know the Winking Prawn has its own rugby team? 


Also supported by Prawn Juice and the South Hams Brewery, the King Prawns are regular faces at the Salcombe Rugby Sevens and are proudly sporting their Winking Prawn pink and blue kit as they head to their next tournament!  Co Captain Will Slater explains everything you need to know…


How did the King Prawns come about?


A group of us set up the team when we left school in 2007.  We kept it going through university and played our first Salcombe Sevens in 2010.  We lost in the semi final in our first year and have played every year since then (eight times) of which we have won four and won the plate once as well!


While we were all at university we would only play perhaps two tournaments a year, but now we have a really good team, we have all graduated and we can all be much more involved.  In 2014 we got our new kit courtesy of the Winking Prawn Group and it’s genuinely loved because of the great colours and logos.  Last season across six tournaments we played 38 games of sevens and we only lost one - maybe it’s the kit?


Who are the key characters we need to know about?


Gareth Stoppani and I co-founded the King Prawns.  Gareth is co captain and he played in the Hong Kong Sevens for Jamaica this year (which is the biggest Sevens tournament in the world). 


What events have you got coming up?


This year we’re going bigger than ever before!  We’re going to Ireland to the Heineken Kinsale Rugby Sevens this weekend, which is massive tournament.  Then we’re going to the Bournemouth Sevens Festival on the last May Bank Holiday ,which is massive.  Around 30,000 people go to it!  It’s a music festival alongside lots of sports events where we're in the second to top tier of nine in the rugby!


How can people support you?


Come and see us play! Follow us on Instagram @kingprawns7s, and definitely come and see us in Salcombe next year!  If you’re in the Bournemouth area over the next Bank Holiday then come and watch us there!