Seven stunning photos from The Cracking Crab

Posted by thewinkingprawn on September 8, 2016

There are few places as beautiful as Polzeath and we like to think we’ve got one of the best viewing spots in the county. 


Perched above the beach where we get an excellent view of the surf we’ve put together some of our favourite photos captured by our very own Lucy.  It turns out that this little corner of Cornwall is a cracker whatever time of the year it is!


Summer sun


This pretty much sums up summer at The Crab.  Sun, sea, sand and lots of happy people swimming in the sea.  It’s not looking like a great day for surfers, but it was a wonderful one for enjoying sundowners with a view!


Let’s go fly a kite


Blue skies and sunshine aren’t always reserved for summer however.  On a surftastic day last Easter some clever cookie took their kite out and what a perfect picture it made too! 


Fairytale of Polzeath


At the end of the rainbow you will find a pot of gold the legends say… well, we’re not sure about pots of gold, but there’s certainly sun, sea, sand and special occasions in fairytale style here in Polzeath.


On the outside looking in


Taking a look in the other direction, we’re rather fond of this view too!  Complete with our happy smiling Cracking Crab himself!


Surfer’s paradise


Dreamily looking out into the distance and taking in the view of the surf… what do you reckon’s going through his head?


Summer dreaming


Summer dreaming of a crab salad and a bottle of Cracking Crab white wine with a sea view… bliss!


Just for us!


Personalised Crab artwork proudly adorning the walls.  Gosh there’s some talent in Cornwall!